Sep 22, 2008

Nila's B'day Invite

Sep 11, 2008

I rolled over.

Today: Jan 30,2008

Am 3 months old.

Hi Atthais, Mamas, Annas & akkas You may be wondering about my silence for the past 2 months..I apologize for not updating you on the happenings.

I asked amma to help me with my 2nd month email, but amma was so pissed off with my feeding habits and my health. So she yelled at me and said big 'no'. Now she accepted to do it cuz she realized that I'm not gonna do any betterthan this..['I'm sorry amma']

Ok.whats up with you guys. For most of you it must be a bad winter and forthose mamas & atthais who lives in the West coast you must be experiencing acool , pleasant weather. Correct?

I have a lot to share with you. Read on if you have time. In the last 2 months I did so many things. I met so many people. Visited lot of new places. Amma took me to temple first. Temple was ok. We went there on a week day .. so there were very few people. And I saw 2 more kuttis like me. I think that's their first trip too. See I make good guesses.
And then we went to a shopping mall the following week. was so exciting..that was during Christmas time and the mall was so crowded. The mall was nicely decorated. I saw a hugeeeeeeeeeeeee x mas tree and there goes the Santa clause taking pictures with all anna`a and akka`s. Asusual amma wanted to get my picture with Santa. But I was so sleepy and not so excited. So they decided to do it next year..hmmmm..lets see.
The next day amma bought me a Santa dress and took lot of pictures.. Everyone said I look cute in that..Did u say that too? :-)

One day amma took me outside with my heavy jacket and shoes on. I thought we are going to the doctor office. But no…..OMG … do I describe that . The whole street was filled with Milk :-)..I was like more milkkkkkkkkk...and suddenly I felt the chills all over my body and felt some snow flakes on my was not was snow flakes…Amma wanted to capture my first snow..I was so cold and started crying. So she hardly took any pictures……she brought me inside..then I realized it was fun and I wanted to go back..but appa said "No"...yeah..lot of "No"s from amma & appa.

Then there goes Rithu akka's B'day. That was a big party and my first party at our house. You know what is special about the part....whoever came for the party brought some gifts for me too. Cool -huh? I luved all those gifts. I should thank kavi atthai for having the party at our house.

Hmm..what else...yesssss…..important thing.I rolled overrrr...yuppy..I rolled over from back to tummy when I was 2 months and 1 week old. Amma & appa had so much fun watching me doing that. I did that several times. You want to know how I do so simple..I will show it to you when we meet next time.

Ok..Ok.I know I'm talking [ writing] too much..lemme finish this real quick.. I wont disturb you with my 4th month edition..Yup..i'll be busy in India enjoying the warm (Hottt) weather.I'll be away from feb27th till April 14th.So if you need anything , have to wait till April 13th..

Have a look at some of my pictures here :

PS1 : I don't have time to do spell please don't mind if u come across any
PS2: Most of you didn't reply my first mail. Athais & mamas I'm keeping this as my journal..will cherish this as a memory forever. So Please do reply if you like my email thread.
Take care all of you... See you after 2 months [hopefully if amma gets time. :-(
With Huggies & Pampers & Kichas
Nila Kutti

Sep 5, 2008

I'm one month old

Today : Nov 24th 2007; Thanks giving Holiday.
Appa took Grandaparents to the Macys Parade. And Amma is busy with cooking.So I'm busy too writing letters ;)
A Big Hi from Nila If you are not aware and if you haven't realized, Yes I’m one month old now. Big gal huh? :-)

Amma & Appa are too busy to upload and share my pictures , so I'm helping them out.
Yup, I keep them busy all the time. I don't like to eat which makes them go crazy :P
I like to sleep, but amma don't let me sleep. She always yells at me and makes all the weird sound to wake me up. [ I hate it]
But its fun when I'm awake. I get to see all my colorful toys and I like the songs my Ted sings for me.
I like to watch TV, but they don't put me in that direction. So sad.. .. :-( I scream and get cranky if I'm sleepy. I know that I'm bothering appa & amma too much..but I'm helpless.
I need to communicate with them and screaming and crying are the only few things I can do.
I like to be in the bath tub. Sometimes I fall asleep in that too :-)..too bad isn't it? But the warm water makes me dizzy. :P Amma like to bathe me and she sings songs for me when I'm about to get cranky .
Friends, I think I'm hungry...lemme go..

Hope you all like the pictures.
Will catch you again when I'm 2 months old.
Ungal Nila kutti