Sep 5, 2008

I'm one month old

Today : Nov 24th 2007; Thanks giving Holiday.
Appa took Grandaparents to the Macys Parade. And Amma is busy with cooking.So I'm busy too writing letters ;)
A Big Hi from Nila If you are not aware and if you haven't realized, Yes I’m one month old now. Big gal huh? :-)

Amma & Appa are too busy to upload and share my pictures , so I'm helping them out.
Yup, I keep them busy all the time. I don't like to eat which makes them go crazy :P
I like to sleep, but amma don't let me sleep. She always yells at me and makes all the weird sound to wake me up. [ I hate it]
But its fun when I'm awake. I get to see all my colorful toys and I like the songs my Ted sings for me.
I like to watch TV, but they don't put me in that direction. So sad.. .. :-( I scream and get cranky if I'm sleepy. I know that I'm bothering appa & amma too much..but I'm helpless.
I need to communicate with them and screaming and crying are the only few things I can do.
I like to be in the bath tub. Sometimes I fall asleep in that too :-)..too bad isn't it? But the warm water makes me dizzy. :P Amma like to bathe me and she sings songs for me when I'm about to get cranky .
Friends, I think I'm hungry...lemme go..

Hope you all like the pictures.
Will catch you again when I'm 2 months old.
Ungal Nila kutti

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  1. From Ganesh mama :

    Woow !!! Wonderful email from Nilla Kutty. It is really nice to read the mail, not only once. I
    really read it few times. I enjoyed it.

    Convey my regards to ur Mum/Dad. I knew they are busy 24 hours/365 days.

    And just tell ur loosu mum that ur Athai and ur luv boy gowshik has gone to INDIA.

    Eat/sleep more
    Take care.


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