Jun 4, 2008

Home coming!!

Wow....I can never forget that day. We were so nervous to put her in the car seat and to drive in the traffic.We were cursing the other drivers who were over speeding in the local roads...This little one had no idea what is happening. I was sitting next to her in the back seat. She was sound asleep. I woke her up few times. I was like, come on this is your first day out, YOu should see the outside world. Look the red car. You like that? huh?...Omg...She is still sleeping.
We reached home fially. That 20 mins drive from hospital seems like an hour drive for us. WE made sure the house is clean .We dusted her crib twice. Checked her blankets and made sure that no Damn ant is sticking some where....

Wow....its all still green //.....This is what they call Ever green moments.?!

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