May 30, 2008

Her India Trip...

I'm basicaly from India tho Nila was born in US. This was her first India trip and i was so excited to show her to my family and friends. She was pulled away from me immediately i steppd out of the Airport.Suddenly she was the princess. Everybody was around her. Touching her cheeks, shaking her..Wow..I felt happy and bad at the same time. My sister and brother were praising her admiring her..Wow..I wish i was Nila.

Nila cried very bad as she couldnt bear the hot weather. Hmm..Winter baby!!..She didnt bother me much in the flight , she didnt sleep, she didnt eat. Easy, huh?I think that was the time she got attached to me cos' that was the only time i spent 30 hours continuosly with her. I luved those moments. She was just with me like she was during the pregnancy.

She luved the crowd and the love from everybody, little kids like her. Everyone was started worrying what will she be doing when we get back to US.

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