May 30, 2008

Here I am !!!!

Today: 10/25/07 ; Thursday
Time: 9.00 AM
Amma had a slight pain, and she was not sure if thats exactly what she was waiting for.
Time: 10.30 AM
Amma and Appa reached Hospital.
Time: 11.30 AM
Amma was taken to the labor room immediately coz everyone thought she was almost there.
Time 12.30 AM
Amma's doctor arrived and gave them a news that I'm in a bit dangerous condition, so they need to do a C-section. Amma and Appa were cool about it. But I was shocked. What?!!!!!!!!Am i not gonna come out on my own..C'm on guys..Let me try....But for some reason I was not able to breath properly. I can feel some monitors on Amma's tummy and 10 doctors and residents around her , monitoring my heartbeat. Thats when appa looked little worried.
Time 02.15 PM
They said the operation room is ready. And they made all the arrangements and 2 guys came to pick up amma. And appa was given an operation room costume.
Time 03.00 PM
Wow. Lights flashing everywhere. Amma was unconscious and appa was not there. So many new faces...actually i cudnt see the faces. They were all covered.
TIme 03.18 PM.....OMG....Its so bright. And I cannot open my eyes. Amma was lying on the bed and appa was with his operation room costume. He looked different. May be he was tired. The doctor asked appa to take pictures of me. I can see that appa was worried about amma and excited to touch me.
Time 05.30 PM
Appa held me tightly with pride. Amma woke up and I couldnt understand what she was talking cos she was still recovering from her anesthesia effect.But I was sooooo sooo happy to see amma in person. Tho she was tired, she looked so beautiful. I cud see tears in her eyes and she asked appa how am i looking. Appa said "pappa is beautiful" I heard everything but i was sleepy too.

After 5 days ; 10/29/07; Monday
Wow....Appa drove us home and i never heard appa cursing other drivers on the road . They both were very tensed until we reached home. I told them that nothing in this world could harm me when they are with me. But they didnt hear me. Cos I did eye talking :P
Finally...................Here I am..writing kaduthasis to you all.


  1. ஆஹா நிலாகுட்டி என்ன இந்தமுறை நம்ம டைபிஸ்ட்டு ஒரே பீட்டரா விட்டிருக்காறு.சரி நிலாகுட்டி வரவைபத்தி சொன்னதால போனாப்போகுது விட்டுரலாம் :-))

  2. கார்த்திக் மாமா, இது அம்மா ரொம்ப நாள் முன்னாடி எழுதி வச்சது.....அப்போ எல்லாம் தமிழ்-ல டைப் பண்ண முடியும்னு தெரியலியாம்......


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